Why not host at HostGator

Why not host at HostGator

Why not host at HostGator I have been hosting several websites at HostGator during 3 years. I have cancelled my hosting with them this year. I couldn’t take anymore their poor (but very pricey) unreliable lame hosting and consumer service. I am very upset with them and all the troubles the made this year, I… Continue reading »

More of Barcelona – Beware Tourists !

I have already posted about Barcelona, this is such a great city I come there often. However I am really dissapppointed about the fact that the city takes too much advantages of the tourists: now you will have to pay for the park Guell (arround 8€) and to see some churches, patios and building in… Continue reading »

Things I Hate About Taiwan

1/Extreme Pollution When friends already in Taiwan, told me it was very polluted, my first thought was “yeah, every city is”. Thing is : Taiwan’s pollution level is beyond crazy. It impossible to breathe and I come from a very big industrial city with nuclear plants (I am against nuclear plants !). In Taiwan I… Continue reading »

Taipei 101 and stuff

Last pictures of Taipei, and I must say, I wish I’ll never come in this city again. It’s crowded, huge, dirty, grey, ugly, noisy, boiling as hell with heat, pollution and humidity. Breath there becomes painful. Only good thing: the MRT is fast and clean. Couldn’t see the top of the 101, because of 4… Continue reading »