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Rambouillet’s Castle : Part-1

This weekend I wen to Paris for a business conference. As hotel are amazingly expensive (more than 300€/night in Paris) I went to an aunt who lives in a small village near to Rambouillet.

Then I decided to visit the Castle (as I love Castles!), here are the pictures.

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How to go there and Part-2.

Travel Arround Lyon: The Parc and the Lacroix-Laval Castle



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Lacroix Laval park belongs to the castle which was rebuilt in the 17th century. In the early 18th century the new owner had the gardens landscaped in a typical French style: austere well-planned lines. Most of the garden has been preserved so you can see the lawns, central pond where two alleys cross.



he castle and this park are situated inside another 119 hectare park with lawns, ponds and a forest where the locals come to jog and stroll. It’s a great place to walk arround.


Liens: (French)
Château de Lacroix-Laval Site Officiel
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