Taiwan Temples in Taichung

I couldn’t post often lately, because I move from my flat. Not easy though with my mandarin level. My first flat was near enought of the university (by bike, but with the heat, still not convenient), with no bus lines and in the middle of rice fields, in a no man land: Wufeng 1H30 from… Continue reading »

Skyrim: how to fix Bugged Quests !

Skyrim is a great video game where you have to kill (almost) everyone on your way. Bethesda has, unfortunately, been has subtle as a barbarian in their game programmation. So you will need first the patch to fix the major bugs. However, even after patching the game, you will face quest’s bugs: means that even… Continue reading »

Taichung Rainbow Village and Chinese New Year

Last month it was Chinese New Year here. Sucked a lot: all crowded places, higher prices, so many traffic jam everywhere, so many people at every cashier’s desk, etc. And everyday at 24°C (that’s the good part actually) ^^. Les Maneki-Neko: chats porte bonheur. If you come to Taichung, don’t miss the Rainbow Village (it’s… Continue reading »

What to do in Taichung: Confucius Temple

In central Taichung, you can find Confucius Temple. It’s very easy to access here (I took the bus line 100 until Chung-Yo (the huge mall), very near Yizhong street, then it’s only 10 minutes walking from there. It’s a beautiful Temple, but they all look very similar to me… Leave a comment!00

Kenting and Chuanfanshih in Taiwan

Yes, you write it kenDing, but you pronounce kenTing. (and yeah, it was super windy) So the beach is super small with opaque grey water. There are some bitting red ants in the sand (they bit me). The beach isn’t clean, nobody here seems to care about ecology. Kenting-Chuanfanshih at 4-5km de Kenting(-Kenting). So sum… Continue reading »

Kenting Village and Houses

Kenting, is a trully beautiful place, but incredibly minuscule! However, it’s architecturally interesting. Houses at Kenting-Chuanfanshih (just 4-5 km from Kenting) Kenting Village, it’s just ONE small street (without sidewalk, because Taiwan) and… that’s pretty much it. Prices were higher than the rest of Taiwan, but it’s a touristical place, so I guess it’s “normal”…. Continue reading »