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8 Things you need to know with low-cost airlines

Travelling with low cost carrier, is cheap and easy (#greed). However, there are some details you’d better watch out, to avoid yourself bad surprises.
Here 8 things you need to know before travelling with low-cost airlines companies.

Travel Wisely !

• The name on the Board pass : if there’s a misspelling or other, you’ll have to pay additional fees for each letter to change! Be careful while you write it ! BTW: Yep, there are fees for ANY modification.

• Yes, there are indeed additional set-up fees (don’t bother to ask what there are for).

• Never be late for the check-in (the hour of the closing gates are on the board pass, it’s usually 30 minutes before).

• Yes, additional fees for the luggages ! Each company has their own limited weight. Check it out, it’s approximately 15$ for each single Kg ! Travel light!

• Nope, you don’t get (free) meal on board !

• Trip cancellation insurance doesn’t work if : you overslept, you mistake the day of departure/the flight/the country/you didn’t want to go anymore, etc.

• Some cities have several airports, low-cost companies always land/take off in the least convenient one.

• Remember to print the Boarding Pass before going to the airport : it’s mandatory for Ryan Air and it’ll save you time for the check in for Easy Jet (very useful if you have been delayed on the way!).