Eighties Rock Bands

Par   février 6, 2013

Above Classical Music, I really love rock from the eighties. So here’s a post about my fav 80’s rock bands.

Love looong hair.

That’s scary how nowadays singers are even not able to sing, respect their fans, conceited and not cancel a concert for appalling reasons.

I really think in that time, music was better, or at least bands were impassioned – not here (only) for the money…

Awesomely stylish... David Lee Roth de Van Halen.

Enjoy : Play list :

• Van Halen : Don’t tell me what love can do.
• Queen : I’m Going Slightly Mad.
• Led Zeppelin – Babe I’m gonna leave you – LIVE 1968 (années 70).
• Iron Maiden : The Clairvoyant.
• Joan Jett: Bad Reputation.
• Survivor : Burning heart (Live 1987).
• Scorpions : Believe in love.
• Skid Row : By your side (Live).
• Guns’N’Roses : Don’t you cry.
• Great White: Save all your Love for Me.
• Poison : Life goes on.
• Kiss : I was made for loving you.
• Billy Idol : I don’t need a gun (Live).
• Judas Priest: Breaking the Law.
• The Warlock: I rule the ruins, All we are.
• TNT : Tonight I’m falling, Seven Seas.
• Century: Self Destruction.
• A-ha (pop) : Crying in the rain (Live acoustic).

Links :

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