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All about Beauty!!!

Why Cosmetics are so Cancerigene?

Do you ever read carefully the ingredient list of your make up, cream, shampoo, soap (and everything???)?

Well, you’d better to.

Wealth VS your Health.

We live in such an insane society that while asking the ingredient list of a product, the seller look at you as if you were C-R-A-Z-Y.

• Carcinogenic and Other Toxic Ingredients in the Majority of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products :
Ingredients in Makeup and Cosmetics that are Dangerous.
• List bellow found here and more details.

Beautiful Unsafe.

“A” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. 2-BROMO-2-NITROPROPANE-1,3-DIOL Immune toxicant.
2. ACRYLAMIDE Possible human carcinogen.
3. ALCOHOL DENATURED Known or suspected teratogen.
4. ALUMINUM Reproductive system toxicity.
5. AMMONIA Reproductive system toxicity.
6. AMMONIUM GLYCOLATE Penetration enhancer.
7. AMMONIUM LACTATE Penetration enhancer.
8. AMMONIUM PERSULFATE Known human carcinogen.

“B” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. BORIC ACID Reproductive system toxicity.
2. BUTOXYETHANOL Known human carcinogen.
3. BHT Immune toxicant.
4. BRONOPOL Immune toxicant.
5. BUTYL METHACRYLATE Immune toxicant.

“C” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. CARBOLIC ACID Known human carcinogen.
2. CETEARETH-12 Potential breast carcinogen.
3. CETEARETH-20 Potential breast carcinogen.
4. CETEARETH-25 Potential breast carcinogen.
5. CETEARETH-30 Potential breast carcinogen.
6. CHLORINE DIOXIDE Reproductive system toxicity.
7. CLO 2 Reproductive system toxicity.
8. COAL TAR Known human carcinogen.

“D” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. DIBUTYL PHTHALATE Potential birth defects
2. DIMETHYLAMINE Immune toxicant.
3. DC BLUE 6 Banned for use in cosmetics.
4. DC RED 17 Banned for use in cosmetics.
5. D-LIMONENE Reproductive system toxicity.
6. DIOXANE Possible human carcinogen.
7. DISODIUM EDTA Penetration enhancer.

“E” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. ETHANOLAMINE Known human carcinogen.
2. ETHLACRYLATE Known human carcinogen.
3. ETHYLENE GLYCOL Reproductive system toxicity.
4. EUGENOL Immune toxicant.
5. EXT DC GREEN 1 Banned for use in cosmetics.
6. EXT DC RED 1 Banned for use in cosmetics.
7. EXT DC RED 3 Banned for use in cosmetics.
8. EXT DC VIOLET 2 Banned for use in cosmetics.

“F” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. FORMALDEHYDE Known human carcinogen.
2. FDC RED 3 Possible human carcinogen.
3. FDC RED 4 Possible human carcinogen.
4. FDC YELLOW 6 Possible human carcinogen.
5. FDC GREEN 3 Possible human carcinogen.
6. FRAGRANCE Immune toxicant.

“G” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. GLUTARAL Classified toxic.
2. GLYCOLIC ACID Classified toxic.
3. GLACIAL ACETIC ACID Classified toxic.
4. GLYCERAL ISOSTEARATE Reproductive system toxicity.
5. GLYCERYL HYDROXYSTEARATE Penetration enhancer.
6. GLYCERIN Occupational hazard.

“H” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. HC RED 3 Known human carcinogen.
2. HEXACHLOROPHENE Known human carcinogen.
3. HYDROABIETYL ALCOHOL Possible human carcinogen.
4. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Known human carcinogen.
5. HYDROGENATED LECITHIN Penetration enhancer.
6. HYDROQUINONE Known human carcinogen.

“I” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. ISOPROPANOL Reproductive system toxicity.
2. IODOPROPYNYL BUTYLLCARBAMATE Reproductive system toxicity.
3. IODINE Estrogenic chemicals.
4. ISOBUTANE Immune toxicant.
5. IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA Immune toxicant.
6. ISOTHIAZOLINONES Reproductive system toxicity.

“K” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. KETOCONAZOLE Endocrine disruptors.
2. KOJIC ACID Possible human carcinogen.
3. KAOLIN Classified toxic.

“L” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. LACTIC ACID Immune toxicant.
2. LAURAMIDE DEA Harmful Impurities.
3. LAURYL LACTATE Penetration enhancer.
4. LINOLEAMIDE DEA Harmful Impurities.
5. LEAD ACETATE Known human carcinogen.
6. LECITHIN Penetration enhancer.

“M” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. MERCURY Known human carcinogen.
2. METHENAMINE Possible human carcinogen.
3. MEA Known or suspected teratogen.
4. METHYL SALICYLATE Reproductive system toxicity.
5. MANGANESE Reproductive system toxicity.
6. MINERAL OIL Possible human carcinogen.

“N” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. N-PHENYL-P-PHENYLENEDIAMINE Known human carcinogen.
2. NAPHAZOLINE HYDROCHLORIDE Known human carcinogen.
3. NONOXYNOL-4 Known human carcinogen.
4. NONOXYNOL-10 Known human carcinogen.
5. NIACIN Classified toxic.

“O” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. O-AMINOPHENOL Known human carcinogen.
2. OCTOXYNOL-9 Immune toxicant.
3. OLETH-2 Harmful Impurities.
4. OLETH-5 Harmful Impurities.
5. OLETH-10 Harmful Impurities.

“P” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. PETROLEUM DISTILLATES Known human carcinogen.
2. P-PHENYLENEDIAMINE Known human carcinogen.
3. P-AMINOPHENOL Known human carcinogen.
4. PHENYLPHENOL Reproductive system toxicity.
5. POTASSIUM DICHROMATE Immune toxicant.
6. PARABENS Reproductive system toxicity.
7. PROPYLENE GLYCOL Immune toxicant.
8. PETROLATUM Endocrine disruptor.

“Q” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. QUARTZ Known human carcinogen.
2. QUATERNIUM-15 Immune toxicant.
3. QUATERNIUM-22 Harmful Impurities.
4. QUATERNIUM-26 Harmful Impurities.

“R” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. RESORCINOL Possible human carcinogen.
2. ROSIN Immune toxicant.
3. ROSE HIPS SEED OIL Immune toxicant.
4. ROSE HIPS Immune toxicant.
5. RED 6 BARIUM LAKE Immune toxicant.

“S” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. SELENIUM SULFIDE Known human carcinogen.
2. SELENIUM Reproductive system toxicity.
3. SODIUM BORATE Safety warnings & violations.
4. SD ALCOHOL 39C Reproductive system toxicity.
5. SODIUM METABISULFITE Immune toxicant.
6. SODIUM HYDROXIDE Reproductive system toxicity.
7. SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE Gastrointestinal toxicity.
8. SODIUM LACTATE Immune toxicant.
9. SODIUM PCA Harmful Impurities.

“T” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. TOLUENE Known human carcinogen.
2. TRIETHANOLAMINE Possible human carcinogen.
4. TRIETHYLENE GLYCOL Reproductive system toxicity.
5. TOSYLAMIDE EPOXY RESIN Immune toxicant.
6. TOCOPHERYL ACETATE Immune toxicant.

“U” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. URACIL Possible human carcinogen.
2. UREA Skin/sense organ toxicant.

“V” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. VITAMIN D3 Reproductive system toxicity.
2. VITAMIN K Classified toxic.
3. VP-METHACRYLAMIDE Harmful Impurities.

“W” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. WHITE PETROLATUM Harmful impurities.

“Y” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. YOHIMBE Classified toxic.

“Z” Cosmetic Chemicals
1. ZIRCONIUM SILICATE Illegal ingredients (US).
2. ZINC SULFATE Reproductive system toxicity.
3. ZINC CHLORIDE Immune toxicant.
4. ZINC ACETATE Immune toxicant.
5. ZINC OXIDE Immune toxicant.

Please check it before buying. Don’t get fooled