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Century Albums wanted!

Here’s an announcement about the french eigthies band Century. I talk about them here.

[EDIT] Infos has been given on the comment in the french version.

Their song “Lover Why” is cult. You can hear it here with ther first album And… Soul It Goes , son Youtube.

I own their first album (1986 – And… Soul It Goes), but I can’t find the others :
• 1988 – Is It Red ?
• 2006 – Timeless

The owner of a record store told me these two last album became “collector” and are almost impossible to find out.

If someone has infos about it, please leave a comment or send me a mail.

This is a wonderful band and they deserve to be recognized.

Metal Group Music

Above bands from the Eighties, and Classical Music, I really love Heavy/Symphonic Metal groups.

So, here’s a non-exhaustive list and I hope you’ll find some awesome group to listen.

Here comes Metal, People! !
Simone Simon du groupe Epica.

Angra : Great Metal group from Brazil. Millenium Sun, Wings of Reality, Rebirth, Libson.
After Forever : Energize me, Emphasis.
Epica : Never Enough, Storm The Sorrow.
Hammerfall : Always Will Be.
NightWish : Ever Dream (Tarja Turunen) et Sahara (Anette Olzon).

Fabio Lione from Rhapsody.
All in leather.

Rhapsody of Fire : an awesome mythic group, not easy to choose just some songs. Lamento Eroico, Warrior of Ice, In Tenebris, Lost in Cold Dreams.
Soil : Broken Wings, Crucified.
Sonata Arctica : FullMoon, The Truth is Out there, DeathAura.
Stratovarius : Darkest Hour, Elysium.
Within Temptation : an other mythic group: Frozen, Say my Name, Angels, Stand my Ground.
Zola Jesus : very unclassified, peerless, phantasmagorical, Run me Out, Night, Sea Talk.

Kiko Loureiro from Angra.

Classical Music is NOT Has-Been!

I want to talk about how annoying it is, when someone look down about classical music. Seriously, I heard so much lazy cover in pop which are stolen from classical musics !

You too, can fight against the Tecktonik!!

Usually people are bragging about “modern” commercial music and ask why does it sucks so much

I am a bit tired of the “pretending to be cool” and “just do as everyone” thing.

Classy! I am playing in front of my swimming pool

So I have decided to put online some greatest classical’s remix found on Youtube.


*So Evil *

Cast of the Remix : Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart et Vivaldi.

Download Link:
Download Remix
Weird Keyboards