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Sugar : The Bitter Truth

I’ve decided to post two great conferences about lies in food industry.

First, Dr Robert H. Lustig warns us about the damage caused by sugary foods.

Food industry doesn’t care about your health, their products contain an impressive amount of sugar (fructose, glucose, etc) which are causing a woldwide epidemy of obesity and serious heath troubles.


And then, Yoni Freedhoff, who is also fighting lies in the food industry.
Here is his take on what the food industry can do, why they’re not going to do it, and what we can do about it.

Please, be aware.

How to fight Capitalism: first steps

Many people are asking me “How to fight capitalism?”, we have the power to change things for the best, so here are some plain steps to start :

save the planet


• Don’t Don’t buy anything from a chain store : such as Starbuck, BurgerKing, Kentucky or MacDonalds, etc. Need coffee -> Go to a local shop!
• Watch a video about how are treated animals that you eat.Lean how to cook healthy food.
• Grow your own food if you have a garden.
• Buy local food, Eat seasonal food only, #supportlocalbusinesses.

Seasonal food: Image found here: Six tips for saving money on real food!


• Stop using toxic cosmetics, find brands with only natural composants.
• Stop using chemical agresive washing products. Naturals composant can do everything and it will cost you nothing: for example : baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) can wash everything!


• Avoid synthetical clothes, not made to last, prefer for example 100% cotton.
• Be careful with the clothes ou buy, they might have been done by slaves: #whomademyclothes.
Nobody wants clothes done by working 16h/day children and women!
Boycott brands infamous for illtreating their employees, polluting, etc.
Check out : Sweat Shop Dealdly Fashion.


• Stay away from finance. Avoid buying assets you don’t understand. Avoid consumer credit, avoid borrowing money at the bank, especially for non urgent matters.
• Avoid useless insurance, many are inclued in your cash card.
• Don’t trust banks.
• Don’t buy things you don’t need.
• Ban product and brands with built-in planned obsolescence.

Energy Saving:

• Turn off the lights when you are not using it,
• Don’t throw away electronics/appliances that are not working anymore, go to the nearest fablab (yeah fablabs are real!!) so they can repair it for free (yeah fablabs are free!!!).
• You don’t need a brand new phone every year.
• Don’t waste water, food, etc, avoid using paper cup, when you can use a mug.
• Don’t use your car when not necessary.


• Stop trusting google they spy on you, use another browser (like duckduckgo, etc).
• Don’t trust media, phramaceutical industry, your governement, etc,
Demand transparancy from brands, you can contact them on facebook, twitter, etc, they will have to change, if people stop buying from them!

• Consume less, consume better.
• Try to help whenever you can,

• Be aware of this: Illusion of Choice.

If you have other ideas easy to apply, please feel free to leave it in comments!

This post will be updated on a regulary basis.

More: How to live like a king for very little by Thor Harris.

8 Things you need to know with low-cost airlines

Travelling with low cost carrier, is cheap and easy (#greed). However, there are some details you’d better watch out, to avoid yourself bad surprises.
Here 8 things you need to know before travelling with low-cost airlines companies.

Travel Wisely !

• The name on the Board pass : if there’s a misspelling or other, you’ll have to pay additional fees for each letter to change! Be careful while you write it ! BTW: Yep, there are fees for ANY modification.

• Yes, there are indeed additional set-up fees (don’t bother to ask what there are for).

• Never be late for the check-in (the hour of the closing gates are on the board pass, it’s usually 30 minutes before).

• Yes, additional fees for the luggages ! Each company has their own limited weight. Check it out, it’s approximately 15$ for each single Kg ! Travel light!

• Nope, you don’t get (free) meal on board !

• Trip cancellation insurance doesn’t work if : you overslept, you mistake the day of departure/the flight/the country/you didn’t want to go anymore, etc.

• Some cities have several airports, low-cost companies always land/take off in the least convenient one.

• Remember to print the Boarding Pass before going to the airport : it’s mandatory for Ryan Air and it’ll save you time for the check in for Easy Jet (very useful if you have been delayed on the way!).