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Skyrim: how to fix Bugged Quests !

Skyrim is a great video game where you have to kill (almost) everyone on your way.
Bethesda has, unfortunately, been has subtle as a barbarian in their game programmation.

So you will need first the patch to fix the major bugs.
However, even after patching the game, you will face quest’s bugs: means that even after finishing a quest or a part of the quest, it still won’t be validated… And you’ll be stuck.

Dumb thing, uh?

So, here is how to fix it:

Open the console commmands with ² key :

1/Obain the quest ID :


This will display two random ID quest, so better not have too many active quests.
Then, just choose one. ^^ Save before changing anything.
Otherwise, go get the ID on the net (the fastest).

2/Quest Progression :

Player.Sqs IDdelaquête

Examples :
• Player.Sqs Favor158
• Player.Sqs DA11Intro

So this is the progression in you quest, you’ll have something like this :

12 1
15 1
20 0
200 0

1 is for “done”, and 0 si for “still to be done”. Try to change 0 to 1 in the order of the stage of the quest. For example, validate stage 20 before stage 200.

3/Force validate:

Setstage IDdelaquête N°stage

Example :
• Setstage Favor158 20
Yep, there’s a space between ‘Setstage’, ‘quest ID’ and ‘stage number’.
Then press enter.

Tadadada, your quest is done ! ❤♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♭ ♪☀ ♡♡★

NB : Those are PC codes


English Otome Game List on DS

Here is a list of Otome Games you can find on DS (only some of them are translated from Japanese).

Otome Game are video game targeted toward girls/women. It can be a love game/sim dating with several single male running after you (Dual Love) a musical game (Pump it up: KiraKira Pinky Street), beauty/cosmetic (Cosmetic Paradise) or fashion/stylist (Style Savvy).

Because other games are too mainstream!

OTOME AMES ON DS LIST : Best game are in bold.

• Arabian Lost: ridiculous chara-design, poorly done, too much talking, don’t bother.
• Asaki, Yumemishi
• Bakumatsu Renka Shisengumi
Cosmetic Paradise : quite good, you can custom your character, and do several activity (never manage to succeed the ‘difficult’ make up though).
Dear Girl Stories : Hibiki Tokkun Daisakusen (japanese only).
Duel Love : one of the best game for this kind of Sim Dating (japanese only).
• Datenshi no Amai Yuuwaku
• Fushigi Yuugi DS
• Hana Yori Dango: Koi Seyo Otome!
• Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Yumenoukihashi
• Hiiro No Kakera : virtual novel (japanese only).
• Hoshizora No Comic Garden
• Kirarin Revolution Tsukutte Misechao Kime Kira Stage : great if you are 8.
KiraKira Pinky Street : Pump it up girly, quite funny.
• Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu
• Kuroshitsuji
• KuruKuru Princess Figure (de KiraKira Koori no Angel)
• Hidamari Sketch
• Last Bullet

Because been an human is too mainstream.

• Princess Debut : great if you are 8.
• Prince Of tennis : from the manga, poorly done, don’t bother.
• Ore ga Omae o Mamoru
• Oshare Majo, ridiculous and boring pump it up.
• Oshare ni Koishite 2 – Oshare Princess
• Ouran Kôkô Host Club : design not too bad, but really dumb story and passive character.
• Otometeki Koi Kakumei * Love Revo for DS : an insane game, where you have to get skinny fast. Don’t bother.
Saikin Koi Shiteru from the manga, great game, good realisation.
• Signal : average, you have to like the sound of the racing car.
Style Savvy : great game for fashionista; you can’t totally create your own design, but it is still really complete with a lot of clothes.
• Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 1st Love: really ugly charadesign, plain, empty, long and boring, don’t bother.
• Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 2nd Season.
• Vampire Knight : for fans, not to bad graphism, but ugly charadesign.
• Vitamin X: the ‘Vitamin X’ screen come every 30 sec ! Horrible. You are watching Vitamin X advertising the whole game! Empty, boring, cheap. I hated it!
• Will O Wisp : useless and poorly done, forget it.

And may the Force be with you!

Bonus PS2/PSP : Hakuouki Shinsengumi.

Best DS Games Ever!

Though the 3DS has been yet released, I think the numerous great games on DS is a great avantage of still owning it.
So here is a list of the best DS by categories.

Special Thanks to CyberAmb, UltraDynamit and Mayla for their help in testing all these games!


• CastleVania Dawn of Sorrow
• CastleVania Order of Ecclesia
• CastleVania Portrait of Ruin
• Ninja Gaiden
• Megaman
• Mario Kart
• Diddy Kong Racing (more idfficult than Mario Kart)

RPG (Role Playing Game) / Aventure

• Magical StarSign
• Summon Night -Twin Age
• Rune Factory III (RPG & Sim Dating)
• Suikoden Tierkries
• Pokemon Platinium Version
• Dragon Quest VI : Realms of Revelation
• Dragon Quest V : Hand of the Heavenly Bride
• Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
• Nostalgia
• Ninja Reflex (Point and Click)

Dungeon RPG
• Etrian Odyssey
• Etrian Odyssey II
• Etrian Odyssey III

• Might & Magic : Clash of Heroes
• Disgaea
• Spectral Force Genesis (Conquest)
• Advance Wars: Dual Strike
• Anno: Create a New World (Conquest & Tactical)

FPS (First Person Shooter)

• Dementium: the Ward
• Dementium 2


(Phoenix et Apollo: Lawyer simulation)
• Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
• Phoenix Wright: Justice for All
• Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
• Appolo Justice: Ace Attorney
• Miles Edgeworth Investigation

(Layton Serie)
• Professeur Layton: and the strange Village
• Professeur Layton: and the Diabolical Box
• Professeur Layton and the Last Specter

(Saga Hotel Dusk)
• Hotel Dusk : Room 215
• Hotel Dusk : Last Window

• Lux Pain (RPG, Point & Click, Enigme)


• Tetris
• Prims: Ligh the Way
• Bejeweled Twist
• Bejeweled 3

Otome Game (Sim Dating)

• Duel Love (Koisuru Otome wa Shouri)
• Kuryami no hate de kimi wo natsu
• Kimi ni Tokode


• Lego Rock Band
• Electroplancton
• KiraKira Pinky Street (Otome & Musical)


• Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry (RPG & wizard Sim)
• Animal Crossing (for fans, I didn’t liked it so much: Enchanted Folk is better)
• Style Savvy (Fashion Shopper/Stylist Sim)
• Tomodatchi (Japanese language only)


• Let’s Yoga
• My Japanese Coach (to learn japanese)


• The World Ends with You
• Shin Megami

Otome Game Code: WHY are there NOT translated from japanese?

An Otome Game to make it short:
Is a courtly love Sim Dating for girls in a magic world where everyone is so nice and charming with you with romance and a lot of young beautiful men court you in the chivalry style.

A this point there are some innocent Otome Games (on DS) and less innocent ones…(example here – generally on PC).

Beware Romance!

Beware Romance!

A/Stategical Stuff

I think it is a enormous injustice and an huge mistake that in video games Otome Game are not translated!
Don’t Editors know about the supply and the demand ?
If not: Here you have.

Otome Games are from a nich market, this mean that this games are for a specific target. There is few chances that boy buy it, so it that the reason this games are not translated?

The product!

A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. So the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment and an example would be a bridal shoe shop because there is not very many of them around.

Every single product that is on sale can be defined by its market niche. As of special note, the products aimed at a wide demographic audience, with the resulting low price (due to price elasticity of demand), are said to belong to the mainstream niche—in practice referred to only as mainstream or of high demand. Narrower demographics lead to elevated prices due to the same principle. So to speak, the Niche Market is the highly specialized market that tries to survive among the competition from numerous super companies. (more here)

The lovely pink otome world, where everybody loves everyboby...

There is indeed, a real demand for his kind of games, though, there are mostly in japanese (or Korean), some few are translated in English, but for the other languages…Nothing!

Worse, they are very difficult to find it in stores, so you have to order it on the web. Will we have to wait YEARS, until all Otome Games get translated???

No Otome, no fun...

This kind of game is completely invisible in video-plays, however, Nintendo lauched few some on Wii and DS. Copied then by Sony, followed on PS3 and PSP, mainly from Idea Factory. The rest of the games editor, are “thinking about it”…

Sony and Nintendo, are maybe waiting that Iphone from Apple steals all the market share.

A curiously neglected geographical potential. Perhaps will have one to wait several year to profit from this game, maybe considered as avant-gardist, not profitable enough, or not trash enought too romantic. ?

Otome games are a real success in Japan and South Korea. However, the plays are often skimped on; supposing that pretty (and dilly-dally) still images replace elaborate scenarios. I hope it is only mistake due to the beginnings. And I hope that the style will develop,betting on quality and more subtle story and characters and better interactions between the protagonists.

B/Links sources : French and English links.

List of some Otome Games in English
Liste 360° des Otome Game sur DS on my video games blog – in french.
• Article Otome Code sur TestjeuDS
• More Otome games on PC, Blog de Mayla.

The Medieval Otome.

Part 2 Translating….

Sims 3: How to fix the bugs!

Fix the Goddamn bugs in Sims 3

Time to fix the bugs!

Do not expect EA helping you in any way, they will just say that your antivirus is the problem.

To beging, the first add-on is full of bugs and need a patch to (amost) fix it all.

• 1/ Problem number 1: the patch is not working with the message:« Invalid file found » ironically at 97% !

This come from the code_version.txt files, located in C<Programme Files <Electronic Arts < Les Sims 3 < Game < Bin, take the one on the CD, copy it, and replace the Programme Files one with.
Just do the same for all the other files which make problems such as : TSLHost.dll et TS3EP01.exe).

Still not working? You can change the text in this file: code_version.txt : copy it on the office (or any dossier where you can modify it) et put: description=Version: 0.RL-2.0.63 Changelist: 716948

( I can not say if it will work, hence it depends of the original game version), put it again in the BIN file.

Ninja Tips!!!

• 2/ Not working again ?

The others add-on may be not compatible, due to the stupid zoning policy! (Code 1 pour US, 2 Europe, 3 Asia, etc), and you get any message with “regional code is different”. Yes, you will have to change the number in the SKU file. How to go here?

– Open the executer command (ctrl + R), write: regedit

Path for Windows7 : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE< SOFTWARE <Wow6432Node <Sims and do this for all add-on !

Important : If you don’t see any SKU files, you are NOT at the right place! Replace the 1 by 2 or the reverse, restart the pc.


• 3/ I still have a problem….’-_-

Take off the nude patch, and every personalized content (they are not working with the add-on, put them away from the EA file)
:/C<Programme Files <Electronic Arts < Les Sims 3 < Mods. Put this Mods files anywhere but here. AND this file:

Mes Documents< Electronic Arts < Les Sims 3 < Downloads – Put away all this file’s content!!

Likewise – if you uninstall some add-on, put the saved games (Mes documents < Electronic Arts < Saves) on the other add-on, in an other file.
It is becoming more and more complicated…
…And not really professionnal for EA.

You vs EA!

4/ Some patch can make more problme too, and this is really ridiculous, as patch should erase the problem you have yet.

So, uninstall all, patch the basegame, pray, reinstall all, don’t run them, patch them all, etc

I have noticed some minor bugs, moving furnitures, screen littles bugs, but as we can still play…

Just that you know: I have more fun with the 2.

5/ The impossible saving bug : code error 16. Luckily very easy to fix! Don’t need to exit/switch off the game.

Go to : Mes Documents< Electronic Arts < Les Sims 3 < Saves (Ctrl + window key)
Erase : nameofmygame. sims3.bad AND nameofmygame.sims3

Replace the name of the last file : nameofmygame.sims3.Backup BY nameofmygame.sims3
Go back to the game, you can save! \o/

Links: Free website for content and mod for Sims 2 et 3.

Modifications de jeu et contenu perso ModTheSims
The Sims Ressources
All About Style
Des sims really weird…
Châteaux….. Vampires …… Zombies
Working Cheat Code for Sims3
Kill your Sims ^^
Video Late Night