Century Albums wanted!

By   February 15, 2013

Here’s an announcement about the french eigthies band Century. I talk about them here.

[EDIT] Infos has been given on the comment in the french version.

Their song “Lover Why” is cult. You can hear it here with ther first album And… Soul It Goes , son Youtube.

I own their first album (1986 – And… Soul It Goes), but I can’t find the others :
• 1988 – Is It Red ?
• 2006 – Timeless

The owner of a record store told me these two last album became “collector” and are almost impossible to find out.

If someone has infos about it, please leave a comment or send me a mail.

This is a wonderful band and they deserve to be recognized.

4 Comments on “Century Albums wanted!

  1. enzo

    I have 3 cd eye way of century lover why best of . best century le meilleur des annees 80 80 .century reference collection
    as I do but I have no century is it timeless 2006 network

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