Black Holes: Universe Mysteries

A black hole is a region of space-time where gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping.

Nothing can escape, not even lights.

Black holes are the most destructive thing and a doorway to the biggest mysteries in the universe. It’s hard to study something that by nature evades detection and shouldn’t even exist!

So here’s a great documentary about black holes.

8 Things you need to know with low-cost airlines

Travelling with low cost carrier, is cheap and easy (#greed). However, there are some details you’d better watch out, to avoid yourself bad surprises.
Here 8 things you need to know before travelling with low-cost airlines companies.

Travel Wisely !

• The name on the Board pass : if there’s a misspelling or other, you’ll have to pay additional fees for each letter to change! Be careful while you write it ! BTW: Yep, there are fees for ANY modification.

• Yes, there are indeed additional set-up fees (don’t bother to ask what there are for).

• Never be late for the check-in (the hour of the closing gates are on the board pass, it’s usually 30 minutes before).

• Yes, additional fees for the luggages ! Each company has their own limited weight. Check it out, it’s approximately 15$ for each single Kg ! Travel light!

• Nope, you don’t get (free) meal on board !

• Trip cancellation insurance doesn’t work if : you overslept, you mistake the day of departure/the flight/the country/you didn’t want to go anymore, etc.

• Some cities have several airports, low-cost companies always land/take off in the least convenient one.

• Remember to print the Boarding Pass before going to the airport : it’s mandatory for Ryan Air and it’ll save you time for the check in for Easy Jet (very useful if you have been delayed on the way!).

Century Albums wanted!

Here’s an announcement about the french eigthies band Century. I talk about them here.

[EDIT] Infos has been given on the comment in the french version.

Their song “Lover Why” is cult. You can hear it here with ther first album And… Soul It Goes , son Youtube.

I own their first album (1986 – And… Soul It Goes), but I can’t find the others :
• 1988 – Is It Red ?
• 2006 – Timeless

The owner of a record store told me these two last album became “collector” and are almost impossible to find out.

If someone has infos about it, please leave a comment or send me a mail.

This is a wonderful band and they deserve to be recognized.

Size of the Stars: Giant, Supergiant, Hypergiant!

In the observable Universe, 75% of the stars are smaller and less massive than the Sun.
Most of the others are similar in size and mass to the Sun, or maybe a little larger.

Nope. You are not the center of the universe!

But there are some very rare stars out there that are much larger and more massive than our Sun; these are the giant stars, supergiant stars and more rare: hypergiant stars!

Here we go!

Barcelona – Day 3

Barcelona – Last Day.
See Barcelona day 1.
See Barcelona day 2.

Tips :

Avoid restaurants located on the Ramblas and Avenida Gaudi (really expensive and poor quality), just check reviews on website as Trip Advisor, if you have a smartphone.
Avoid to swim at Barceloneta’s Beach (very dirty place, too much people trying to make you buy, weirdos, etc).

More to see:
Le parc Guell, le Tibidabo, le Zoo de Barcelone, etc

NB: Do not use my pictures without authorization, thanks.