Taipei 101 and stuff

Last pictures of Taipei, and I must say, I wish I’ll never come in this city again. It’s crowded, huge, dirty, grey, ugly, noisy, boiling as hell with heat, pollution and humidity. Breath there becomes painful. Only good thing: the MRT is fast and clean. Couldn’t see the top of the 101, because of 4… Continue reading »

Taipei – Ugly Tamsui

Tamsui, is definitely the lamest place to be in Taipei. First of all: it’s UGLY: when you see the picture in the touristical brochure, it’s just either very hilarious (hello photoshop!), either very sad. Tamsui: is filthy, grey, ugly, and every store sells the exact overpriced damn stuff ! Pollution. Pollution. Pollution. So deep you… Continue reading »

Taipei : National Palace Museum

Crowded and noisy. So dark you can barely see a thing (the museum has not much to show anyway). However full of crazy ill-mannered screaming chinese tourists. Horribly crowded, with huge human traffic in every hallway, smell not funny, the air conditioner is not working well. If you stay few days in Taipei, don’t bother,… Continue reading »

What to see in Taichung: The Old Prison!

So back here in Taichung, there’s some great places to go. The heat is really annoying and exhausting, plus now, it’s now full of mosquitoes. I know I complain a lot about the heat, but this is humid insane heat, very hard to hold out (and I am used to Spanish heat). The old prison… Continue reading »

Taipei Zoo

So, the heat is officially killing me. And we’re not even yet in summer. Taipei zoo was great and the entrance is really cheap (less than 1€), but crowded, noisy, harsh sloping (going up). It was complicated to take pictures without the crowd all arround. One thing was quite shocking: once you pass the entrance… Continue reading »