Study Abroad: The living Hell road trip

By   June 1, 2012

We are many wanting to study abroad.
Been a successful supermodel is easier.

Ok but how to manage to get admission without money (and without been a supermodel)?

Meanwhile, in Vegas...

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Students can be granted a scholarship. Unfortunately very few of us get it.
Not because universities are unable to offer it, but because universities want rich students who will pay for the diploma.

I was really disappointed about how university has become a business (yes I was still naive). They really don’t care about students and what he or she can bring to the university, they just want an asset able to pay the full tuition.

meamwhile... On a balcony...

Anyway, if you are sending your files to study abroad:
Just remember some important details meanwhile!!!

• 1/ Your interlocutors are the dumbest and careless people you’ve ever meet! They lose your files, are badly organized, tell you anything but the truth, do not answer you, trail over 10 years a task which would take 5 minutes for anyone equipped with a working brain, requires documents in urgency – yes, those you already sent, they tell you, you didn’t send it, but you DID, etc

• 2/ You can’t communicate effectively with them or you can’t communicate at all…

• 3/ It is long: a lot of students are competiting. It can take one year in some places to get an answer. Since my stay has been cancelled in Tokyo, I did not get any answer for a replacement.

• 4/ It is time consuming and boring: tens of files to send to all the universities. Universities don’t bother to make it easier: they have different formats for the recommendation letters, statement of purpose, etc Hence, you have to adapt all of it EACH TIME.
You will have to be organized for them, such as: the creation of a named file for all universities to know exactly where you are in the process.

Meanwhile, at model's house...

• 5/ You need great scores, because it’s all about results, but do I have to mention it?

• 6/ There are some agencies which “help” you (by paying them of course) add approximately 300€. Nevertheless, you still have to do all the work, with absolutely no guaranteed it works better. Not a good deal.

• 7/ The huge amount of very talented students who dropped it, make me really sad. This capitalist world is wrong. Education should be free for everyone. It’s not fair not be able to access to knowledge just because you can’t pay (who can anyway?) 30 000$/year for a degree!

• 8/ A college degree may not be worth the effort and the cost.

Meanwhile, in Miami… at Kevin's.

Oh yeah and one more thing. Crazy pricey diplomas don’t guarantee a job.

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