Sims 3: How to fix the bugs!

Fix the Goddamn bugs in Sims 3

Time to fix the bugs!

Do not expect EA helping you in any way, they will just say that your antivirus is the problem.

To beging, the first add-on is full of bugs and need a patch to (amost) fix it all.

• 1/ Problem number 1: the patch is not working with the message:« Invalid file found » ironically at 97% !

This come from the code_version.txt files, located in C<Programme Files <Electronic Arts < Les Sims 3 < Game < Bin, take the one on the CD, copy it, and replace the Programme Files one with.
Just do the same for all the other files which make problems such as : TSLHost.dll et TS3EP01.exe).

Still not working? You can change the text in this file: code_version.txt : copy it on the office (or any dossier where you can modify it) et put: description=Version: 0.RL-2.0.63 Changelist: 716948

( I can not say if it will work, hence it depends of the original game version), put it again in the BIN file.

Ninja Tips!!!

• 2/ Not working again ?

The others add-on may be not compatible, due to the stupid zoning policy! (Code 1 pour US, 2 Europe, 3 Asia, etc), and you get any message with “regional code is different”. Yes, you will have to change the number in the SKU file. How to go here?

– Open the executer command (ctrl + R), write: regedit

Path for Windows7 : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE< SOFTWARE <Wow6432Node <Sims and do this for all add-on !

Important : If you don’t see any SKU files, you are NOT at the right place! Replace the 1 by 2 or the reverse, restart the pc.


• 3/ I still have a problem….’-_-

Take off the nude patch, and every personalized content (they are not working with the add-on, put them away from the EA file)
:/C<Programme Files <Electronic Arts < Les Sims 3 < Mods. Put this Mods files anywhere but here. AND this file:

Mes Documents< Electronic Arts < Les Sims 3 < Downloads – Put away all this file’s content!!

Likewise – if you uninstall some add-on, put the saved games (Mes documents < Electronic Arts < Saves) on the other add-on, in an other file.
It is becoming more and more complicated…
…And not really professionnal for EA.

You vs EA!

4/ Some patch can make more problme too, and this is really ridiculous, as patch should erase the problem you have yet.

So, uninstall all, patch the basegame, pray, reinstall all, don’t run them, patch them all, etc

I have noticed some minor bugs, moving furnitures, screen littles bugs, but as we can still play…

Just that you know: I have more fun with the 2.

5/ The impossible saving bug : code error 16. Luckily very easy to fix! Don’t need to exit/switch off the game.

Go to : Mes Documents< Electronic Arts < Les Sims 3 < Saves (Ctrl + window key)
Erase : nameofmygame. sims3.bad AND nameofmygame.sims3

Replace the name of the last file : nameofmygame.sims3.Backup BY nameofmygame.sims3
Go back to the game, you can save! \o/

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