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Naha Okinawa Japan

So, I finally went to Japan. Not in Tokyo, but in Okinawa.

First of all, japanese people are extremely polite and devoted, it’s awesome!

naha okinawa (5)
That’s quite a change when you come from France. :mrgreen:

Then, everything is clean and neat. Japanese are very friendly. If you’re lost, they’ll help you, until you find your way.

The hotel stayed was really great, because in Japan people are very careful not to make any noise or disturbance, so I could sleep very well (unlike in every hotel in stay in Taiwan: full of chinese tourists who totally don’t care about other, chinese tourists are the rudest people I’ve ever seen!!!).

There’s a lot of typhoon at this time of the year, so better go when typhoon time is over…

Departure from Taipei Taoyuan airport (very clean and beautiful, much better than Paris CDG), with a 4H delayed flight (105€) due to the typhoon. Peache me Airlines gave me 200NTD (5€), hehehe…

taipei taoyuan airport

Comining soon :
-> Beach – Nago.
-> Shuri(-jo) Castle à Naha.

naha okinawa (6)
naha okinawa (3)
naha okinawa (4)

This is a restaurant !

Naha Okinawa Japan (2)
Naha Okinawa Japan (5)
Naha Okinawa Japan (6)

Another typical restaurant.
japanese restaurant (1)
japanese restaurant (2)
naha okinawa old japanese house

The subway of the Futur! Transportation were quite expensive.
Naha Okinawa Japan (7)
naha okinawa 6
Naha Okinawa Japan (8)

The Stadium:
Naha Okinawa Japan stadium
Naha Okinawa Japan stadium 2

naha okinawa japanese old house