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Skyrim: how to fix Bugged Quests !

Skyrim is a great video game where you have to kill (almost) everyone on your way.
Bethesda has, unfortunately, been has subtle as a barbarian in their game programmation.

So you will need first the patch to fix the major bugs.
However, even after patching the game, you will face quest’s bugs: means that even after finishing a quest or a part of the quest, it still won’t be validated… And you’ll be stuck.

Dumb thing, uh?

So, here is how to fix it:

Open the console commmands with ² key :

1/Obain the quest ID :


This will display two random ID quest, so better not have too many active quests.
Then, just choose one. ^^ Save before changing anything.
Otherwise, go get the ID on the net (the fastest).

2/Quest Progression :

Player.Sqs IDdelaquête

Examples :
• Player.Sqs Favor158
• Player.Sqs DA11Intro

So this is the progression in you quest, you’ll have something like this :

12 1
15 1
20 0
200 0

1 is for “done”, and 0 si for “still to be done”. Try to change 0 to 1 in the order of the stage of the quest. For example, validate stage 20 before stage 200.

3/Force validate:

Setstage IDdelaquête N°stage

Example :
• Setstage Favor158 20
Yep, there’s a space between ‘Setstage’, ‘quest ID’ and ‘stage number’.
Then press enter.

Tadadada, your quest is done ! ❤♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♭ ♪☀ ♡♡★

NB : Those are PC codes