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How to fight Capitalism: first steps

Many people are asking me “How to fight capitalism?”, we have the power to change things for the best, so here are some plain steps to start :

save the planet


• Don’t Don’t buy anything from a chain store : such as Starbuck, BurgerKing, Kentucky or MacDonalds, etc. Need coffee -> Go to a local shop!
• Watch a video about how are treated animals that you eat.Lean how to cook healthy food.
• Grow your own food if you have a garden.
• Buy local food, Eat seasonal food only, #supportlocalbusinesses.

Seasonal food: Image found here: Six tips for saving money on real food!


• Stop using toxic cosmetics, find brands with only natural composants.
• Stop using chemical agresive washing products. Naturals composant can do everything and it will cost you nothing: for example : baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) can wash everything!


• Avoid synthetical clothes, not made to last, prefer for example 100% cotton.
• Be careful with the clothes ou buy, they might have been done by slaves: #whomademyclothes.
Nobody wants clothes done by working 16h/day children and women!
Boycott brands infamous for illtreating their employees, polluting, etc.
Check out : Sweat Shop Dealdly Fashion.


• Stay away from finance. Avoid buying assets you don’t understand. Avoid consumer credit, avoid borrowing money at the bank, especially for non urgent matters.
• Avoid useless insurance, many are inclued in your cash card.
• Don’t trust banks.
• Don’t buy things you don’t need.
• Ban product and brands with built-in planned obsolescence.

Energy Saving:

• Turn off the lights when you are not using it,
• Don’t throw away electronics/appliances that are not working anymore, go to the nearest fablab (yeah fablabs are real!!) so they can repair it for free (yeah fablabs are free!!!).
• You don’t need a brand new phone every year.
• Don’t waste water, food, etc, avoid using paper cup, when you can use a mug.
• Don’t use your car when not necessary.


• Stop trusting google they spy on you, use another browser (like duckduckgo, etc).
• Don’t trust media, phramaceutical industry, your governement, etc,
Demand transparancy from brands, you can contact them on facebook, twitter, etc, they will have to change, if people stop buying from them!

• Consume less, consume better.
• Try to help whenever you can,

• Be aware of this: Illusion of Choice.

If you have other ideas easy to apply, please feel free to leave it in comments!

This post will be updated on a regulary basis.

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