Want to leave Earth ? It’s possible now !

By   July 14, 2012

Space Travel has always been a dream. Explore and live in other world too.

At least…From now!

Mars One is a private company that aims to land humans on Mars to live there, forever!

If you have too much enemies on Earth, you might be interested…

The plan is to send a communications satellite to the planet by 2016 and after several stages, finally land humans on Mars for permanent settlement in 2023.

Yes, it would be a one way trip! (for the best and the worst)

Pros: You will experiment an unique travel in the whole history, become the first martians colon, leave your name to the posterity.
You will experiment an alien lifestyle and travel in space.

Cons: You may hate life on Mars and/or your new mates.
Miss your friends, family and Earth’s lifestyle.
No Internet on Mars.

The Mars-one Base project

If you have always wanted to live like Star Wars, this maybe the time to move on!

The first 40 astronauts will be selected and will live in a replica of the settlement built for training purposes in 2013!

Link :
Mars one
Mars One Wikipedia

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