Why not host at HostGator

By   May 7, 2015

Why not host at HostGator

I have been hosting several websites at HostGator during 3 years.
I have cancelled my hosting with them this year. I couldn’t take anymore their poor (but very pricey) unreliable lame hosting and consumer service.

I am very upset with them and all the troubles the made this year, I payed each year 136USD$ for the “Babycroc Hosting”, and it so not worthing it!
For this price, you can have way better host. A more efficient one. A more polite one.

HostGator is not professional anymore.

Since they sold the company in August 2014, many consumers got endless troubles with their hosting:
HostGator just put you website offline with no reason!!!!

And it take forever to put it back online.

How you will feel with HostGator:
dangerous crocodile man
They often use the excuse your CPU is using more than 25% allowed. Wth? My websites are light and ok.
Sometimes, they say one of your plugins may cause trouble. Which one, how and why, you’ll never know!
Your webs are off, that’s all!


1/ There is no way you can check how much of the CPU you are using!
2/ Once they put your website offline, you can’t access to the panel or the administration of your website – so you can’t check the plugins and change whatever made troubles.
3/ It takes forever to put it back on, they need 3 days to answer the emails, they don’t even bother to tell they put your website is off and why!

I got a lot of errors due to the poor servers Hostgator put your websites on !
I didn’t change nor add anything, when they repeatedly put my webs offline!

Unlimited troubles with HostGator!

hostgator scam
Guess what? They don’t care about us!

Why you should avoid HostGator:

• More than 3 days to get an answer on email!
• 30 minute to get someone (clueless) on the live chat!
• Not even answering in their “support” forum.
• They overload the servers with too much websites, then blame you for it!
• They can delete any of your websites when it becomes too popular, just because it will take too much ressources on their lame servers!
• The support is really bad, and just trying to buy time and ask you stupid irrelevant intrusive questions. Once, they even ask my password for my wp website! They are not efficient.
• It will totally ruin your work and effort you put in your webpages!
• Trying to make them put your websites back leads to huge stress and disappointment!
• They renew your hosting WITHOUT informing you. Once you pay with your CB, they save the numbers and they can and will use it at anytime!

• They have no respect for their customers.

HostGator affiliate program is a scam

I’ll make it short : I’ve spend more than two years trying to get my commissions.
HostGator make me lose my time in anyways they could, THEN they said it was too late for me to get my commissions.. !

You can find many complain on the links below and in Twitter’s feed, yet they are not improving anything!

Website Blackout
Hostgator affiliate is a scam
Hostgator-affiliate program is a scam (forum).
Getting screwed out of your hostgator affiliate commissions

You will find thousand of tweet like this.

You will find thousand of tweets like this.

Don’t get fooled!!!

9 Comments on “Why not host at HostGator

  1. Jeff

    such a shame, I host my web with them, got some displaying troubles too, this post keeps me worrying!

  2. Will

    I’ve never gone near a host that wasn’t WordPress friendly, and even then, I’ve never used their one-click installers. The WordPress five-minute manual install is easy enough!

  3. vitamin b12

    I’ve never gone close to a host that wasn’t WordPress amicable, and still, after all that, I’ve never utilized their a single tick installers. The WordPress five-minute manual introduce is sufficiently simple!

  4. amanda

    nice post admin i was about to buy hostgetor domain thanks for saving me

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